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Are you an author, artist, healer, or magic maker who is frustrated with getting your website set up to do what you want? Are you looking for a beautiful and professional website design that meets your needs and speaks to your customers and clients? I'm here to support you in creating a fabulous website that is easy-to-use and maintain, so you can shine your light in the world. I can create a website for you or give you the tools for you to create a website that is WOW! We'll work together to create a unique, one-of-a-kind website that incorporates your styles and tastes.

Here's how I can help:

Create and maintain your website for an entire year with monthly updates Create a full website that is easy-to-use and that you can maintain Give you the tools for you to create a D.I.Y. website that is professional & beautiful


Custom Wix Website and Maintenance

Artist, Author, Healer, or Magic Maker Design Package & Monthly Maintenance

— $3,500 US —

Custom Wix Website

Artist, Author, Healer, or Magic Maker Design Package

— $1,500 US —

Both Packages include:

  • Styling of navigation bars, titles, headings, graphics, customized social media sharing icons, fonts, and images.
  • Blogging Essentials
  • Installation of Custom Theme, required pages, SEO, Widgets
  • One-on-one training session for site maintenance
  • A bonus pack of website goodies (Favicon, Facebook header image, and social media blast)


Maintenance Package includes:

  • Everything above
  • 2 hours of monthly maintenance for an entire year (adding new copy, images, portfolio pieces, new products or services)

Please note: the yearly renewal on this package is $2,000/year


Optional Extras: Logo Development (+$500), Copywriting (+$200 per page), Editing (+$50 per page), Blog ghost writing ($150 per post of 500 words), extra graphic design and coding (by quote), Monthly Maintenance for already created Wix Site (+$2,000/yr)

Looking for a budget-friendly option?

D.I.Y. Wix Installation

Artist, Author, Healer, or Magic Maker Design Package

— $500 US —

Optional Upgrade: If you choose to upgrade to one of the premium packages, your fee will be applied to that package.

Short on time or money? Pick a Wix theme, and I'll get it set up for you lickety-split. No fuss, No muss...

Package includes:

  • Installation of your theme of choice and connection to your domain.
  • Set-up of theme exactly as shown in the demo
  • Navigation menu and pages set-up
  • Simple social media Icons
  • No additional customizations or graphics.



Just need the tools and knowledge?

Sign up for Website Wow!


This is a self-guided E-course for a website that is easy-to-create and maintain. You'll learn step-by-step everything from navigation to store fronts and copywriting to color choices. Plus, you'll have access to me and my knowledge and resources. Create your website while you take this course. You CAN do-it-yourself without frustration!

Coming October 2016!

Tell me more!

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— $99 US —

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