Writing Process

There is nothing worse than working with a new person and having no idea where this journey is going to take you. It’s like falling down a rabbit hole and ending up in wonderland. Let me assuage your fears. Here is my process and why I work this way. If you have any questions, I’m here for you! Don’t hesitate to ask.


Initial Contact

You are having a tough time with your website copy, blog posts, or book. It’s frustrating you to no end and taking up way too much of your valuable time. You think, wouldn’t it be great to have someone do this thing I don’t like or I’m not skilled at. You do a Google search and there I am…your Writing Guide to lead you out of the muck and mire to the paradise of palm trees and umbrella drinks...or at least it feels that way.



We aren’t getting married. It’s not that kind of journey, but we will be working very closely together to take your writing project from drab to fab. The proposal phase is kind of like Online dating. We have to get to know each other and see if working together is a good fit. You’ll fill out a Creative Brief, telling me all about your beautiful project. I’ll send you a Proposal Agreement that says "Hey I like you and would like to work with you." If you feel the same, you will read, sign, and send it back to me. Then, I’ll sign it and send you a signed copy.



Yeah, it’s that time! After the proposal is signed, you’ll pay the first payment outlined in the proposal. As soon as I receive payment, your project will be scheduled on my calendar. Congratulations! You’ve just booked your journey for an amazing writing adventure! Please note: if this is a quick project (determined by me), I will let you know and you'll pay via my Tip Jar.


Project Management Set-up

Once your adventure is booked and everything is scheduled, you’ll get a Welcome Packet. First, we’ll get you all set-up in my Project Management system, Trello. This is where we'll communicate through the rest of the process.


First Draft

This is where the journey gets exciting! I get to reveal the first phase of our adventure together…the first draft! The First Draft for your project will include: an outline or the full first draft (depending on your project). You’ll get the chance to make changes. You’ll hear me say, “What do you like and what would you like to see different?” You’ll be able to makes changes twice (two revisions). Any more than that, and there will be an extra $100 for each change, so be thorough in reviewing  the revisions.


Final Draft Approval/Final Payment

Congratulations! The Draft is approved! I will send the final piece to a professional proofreader, while you make the final payment. As soon as I get the revisions back, I'll input the final changes. When I receive your payment, I will release the final assignment, as well as the copyright release.



At the end of the project, you’ll have 1 (one) week of support from your faithful tour guide...ME! You’ll also receive a Farewell packet regarding how to contact me if you need any further copy or revisions, a feedback form (that is greatly appreciated), and helpful resources for you and your writing projects going forward. Oh…I’m so sad to see you go!


Why do I do things this way?

It’s super-fun for me and hopefully for you as well. Everything flows, and you and I know that we’re on the same page! Getting you from a so-so copy that was frustrating and time-consuming (or that you just plain hated) to one that lights you up, and that you’re proud to show everyone…that really floats my boat!




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